Featured Notes
Quarterly Chartbook: China's Two-Speed Recovery Continues

We think that China's GDP growth will reach the peak of this cycle in Q1 2021 - and that rates will rise again after the Chinese New Year when liquidity tightens.

The Officials Who Stand to Win in 2022

Ten officials stand out for promotions in 2022; these choices signal Xi’s unprecedented consolidation of power.

Recent Highlights
The Campaign Against China's Big Tech

Regulators have taken swift action against Chinese internet giants after the top leadership called for limiting the "disorderly expansion of capital".

E-RMB Will Not Rock the Boat, Yet

China’s e-RMB is an electronic form of cash fully guaranteed by the PBOC; it is still in the pilot phase and has yet to start competing with e-payment platforms.

How Quickly Can China Vaccinate?

The latest outbreaks are dealing a blow to the recoveries of retail and some service sectors in the North, although the overall impact is still limited.


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