Featured Notes
More Light or Another Tunnel?

Chinese authorities are bolstering the economy as the lockdowns continue to inflict pain. But the measures are still too limited.

Shanghai and the Future of Zero-Covid

China will only let up on Omicron under two scenarios, both unlikely for now; enormous economic damage will lead to more policy easing on housing.

Recent Highlights
Can the Taiwan Status Quo Last?

The US handling of its “one China policy” is changing over time into something increasingly unfavorable to Beijing.

Quarterly Chartbook: China Caught Up in Covid Again

Beijing set its GDP growth target at “around 5.5%” in early March, which looked ambitious but possible with more easing measures.

Beijing Hints at Xinjiang Policy Shift

Beijing installs former Guangdong governor as new Xinjiang party secretary, signaling a pivot in Xinjiang policy as Xi deems social instability now resolved.


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