Featured Notes
Explaining the Lithium Price Swings

China’s lithium price has seen a mild rebound after falling 80% in 2023 as a result of rapidly expanding capacity.

Listcos Are Still Struggling to Profit

China’s A-share listcos recorded slower revenue growth and a profit drop in Q1.

Recent Highlights
The Final Hurdles for the House TikTok Bill

If the bill passes the Senate Commerce Committee, the fate of TikTok will be in the hands of Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer.

What’s Up With the RMB?

The RMB fell suddenly against the USD on Friday, triggering questions of whether this is the start of a new round of depreciation.

China Eases Data Transfer Rules

The move is seen as a part of an effort to improve the business environment for foreign companies amidst plummeting foreign investment.


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