Featured Notes
Quarterly Chartbook: China's Two-Speed Recovery Continues

We think that China's GDP growth will reach the peak of this cycle in Q1 2021 - and that rates will rise again after the Chinese New Year when liquidity tightens.

The Officials Who Stand to Win in 2022

Ten officials stand out for promotions in 2022; these choices signal Xi’s unprecedented consolidation of power.

Recent Highlights
Xi's Latest Thinking on China's Future

Xi gave a powerful policy speech this January to Party elites to lay out his worldview, roadmap for development, and vision for the future.

Taiwan Tensions Are More Theater Than Threat

As long as Washington upholds the one-China policy, Beijing will not be incentivized to unilaterally change the status quo

Beijing Unlikely to Bail Out Huarong

We believe the chance of a full bail-out of Huarong AMC is very low. The best-case scenario for the creditors may be that Beijing handles Huarong in the same way as it did for Baoshang bank


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