Featured Notes
China's ListCos Brace for a Long Winter

Firms are collecting more cash but spending less on capital investment.

China's Covid Policy Tweak

China’s leaders still prefer gradual changes—the famous “cross the river by feeling the stones” approach—and Beijing will probably not evaluate the outcomes of the latest changes and decide next steps until March 2023.

Recent Highlights
What a Republican House Means for China

Republicans have promised to establish a new select committee on China, which will be a new nexus for hawkish China legislation.

Chartbook: Will the Global Energy Crisis Affect China?

After a prolonged boom, China’s exports are already showing signs of fatigue, as global demand weakens across the board.

What Can the Market Look Forward To?

With the Party and state in transition, Beijing’s new policy direction may not come into focus until March 2023 when the new premier is installed.


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