Featured Notes
Quarterly Chartbook: Moving Towards the Peak

For Q3, we think that the recovery momentum will still carry on for a few more months, as investment growth peaks and consumption and export start to pick up steam.

Takeaways from the Fifth Plenum

The 2035 vision implies an average growth rate of 4.7% for the next 15 years. Xi will likely stay in charge until 2032 to ensure that the goals are largely reached.

Recent Highlights
How Chinese Listcos Weathered the Covid Storm

Industrial listcos are in better shape to weather the storm, while non-financial service firms were hit much harder.

Xi Lines Up Officials for His Third Term

Xi has appointed a slew of young officials this year to set up a loyal provincial-level cohort that will remain below retirement age through his next one to two terms.

What's Next for the RMB?

USD/CNH fell by 3% since August as it caught up with the broader trend of a weakening USD in July and the fundamentals are strong.


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