Featured Notes
How Much Have Home Prices Really Fallen?

An analysis of the housing market shows massive regional disparity; prices have fallen by over 30% in some cities but remain largely unchanged in others.

Q4 Chartbook: Mounting Challenges for China's Economy

In this chartbook, we walk you through the latest developments in the Chinese economy and offer our outlook.

Recent Highlights
Chinese Pharma Targeted by US Congress

A recent bill in Congress proposing to ban federal contracting with certain Chinese pharmaceutical companies triggered a rapid market selloff.

What Does Another DPP Win in Taiwan Mean?

The outcome of Taiwan’s election was largely expected; the DPP’s victory means further deterioration of cross-strait relations.

The Only Chinese Asset in a Bull Market

Long-term Chinese government bonds have been in a bull run, with yields falling to all-time lows as the stock market has tanked.


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